Mindful Markhor

Marketing & Technology by majestic Himalayan goat.

About Us

Short bio:

Hello! My name is Umar and being passionate about writing and marketing, I decided to start this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

What’s with the name?

Oxford dictionary defines Mindful as an adjective which means to be aware and conscious of something. Whereas Markhor is a majestic Himalayan goat and it is the National Animal of Pakistan.

Markhor (Wikimedia)
Markhor (Wikimedia)

I have decided to call this blog Mindful Markhor.

Markhor inspires with its agility to tread the rocky mountains, courage to live in a harsh environment while maintaining sheer magnificence.

While writing this blog, I will strive to be agile in digging for accurate facts, courageous in sharing honest opinions & maintain magnificence of language. With the name as a reminder, I hope this blog also helps all of us in staying mindful of our duty to protect the endangered species across the globe.

How to get in touch?

Be it criticism or appreciation, I will be happy to receive your honest feedback. You can send an email to mindfulmarkhor@gmail.com or send a direct message on twitter to @MindfulMarkhor.

Thank you & happy reading!