Yesterday I purchased a Hilal‘s Ding Dong bubble gum. It was not the usual Ding Dong bubble gum in fact it was Hilal Ding Dong ‘Magik’ of Peach-Mango flavour. Needless to say, I was curious enough to buy and try it. The bubblegum itself was okay but not as juicy as the regular DingDong we all have chewed at least once in our lifetimes.

What was different about it? Well, to start off it felt a little smaller in size and thinner. It had a hint of mango & peach flavour and some consumers might like to try it again as it gave a different taste other than Hilal’s usual sweet DingDong.

Hilal’s Ding Dong Magik

Hilal launched Ding Dong Magik early last year which comes in Strawberry-Blackcurrant and Peach-Mango. You can watch their TVC here:

I felt like it is less likely for me to try this again. Perhaps this could be different with it’s more regular consumers i.e. kids & teens. I did feel that this may not be at par with the regular Ding Dong bubblegum.

Two of the things struck me after trying Ding Dong Magik. Firstly a Sulphite warning on their wrapper and secondly the advertisement. Hilal’s Ding Dong Magik’s wrapper contains a warning “May contain Sulphites”.

Ding Dong Magik lacks magic

Let’s talk about the advertisement first, what struck me the most is that Ding Dong cat was not the same as we used to see in old Ding Dong advertisements. The character looks somewhat off, perhaps skinnier and less fun. Secondly, the story shown in this advertisement has no connection with its predecessor Ding Dong cat which used to run away the mice trying to steal the bubblegum.

Hilal’s Ding Dong Magik

Now if we talk about the Sulphites, we know that they are used as preservatives and oxidants. They are usually present in some food items like baked goods and jams & jellies. You can find a FDA guide to food items containing Sulphites here. It is good that Hilal at least gave a warning on its packaging and showed that it is a responsible bubble gum manufacturer.

When I tried looking at Ding Dong’s facebook, I found a page which was last updated in 2017. I wonder why Hilal abandoned it, perhaps they shifted all the focus on parent brand Hilal.

More on Ding Dong Magik later, perhaps you can try it yourself and tell me if you like it.